Family Life:
GREENON PC easy connect to TV, enjoy your desktop on big screen!
Video games, online television, Live mathces, shopping, social network, all you think about!
Office working :
Mini size and fanless design, created a wide and quite working enviroment.
Further more, GREENON PC is compatible with mainstream office software, and performing high stability for long term operation.
Photoshop & Powerpoint
Support your documentation and computer graphic works, compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Illustrator&Excel
Adobe Illustrator can be operated smoothly, do great things with an excellent mini-PC! Enjoy the amazing experience with GREENON PC.
What Users Say

「GREENON PC, a brand new experience, so light and portable, enjoy your pc on TV big screen」

GREENON PC complete your demand of watching film, games, documentary affair, enjoy big screen operation experience. Now you can carry your computer to anywhere!

Built-in SATAIII port, you can install 2.5" SATA HDD or SSD as you need. Portable disk is compatible. MircroSD card reader up to 128GB, access photos, capacity upgradeable!

Quoted: Yipee!:


「GREENON PC, a portable computer」


GREENON PC can deal task in high speed, and extremely quiet, even after runing all day.

You can browse web, doing documentation, deal with all daily task, this is good for houseworker, students, office worker.

And look at that, the volume is half less of Mac mini!

Quoted: Crazymike:

  Application Demonstration

Video Advertisment Applications

If there is a device which can playing store commercials, corporate introduction video all day, it should be the most economical and efficient way introduction the store to public!

When you have GREENON PC, it can easily create a unique advertising program with your own idea

HDMI output interface, support for HD, 4K high-definition video playback, doing product promotions, corporate image advertising broadcasting 24 hours day by day

Mini Office PC

Find back your desk! No more mess and crowded, GREENON PC makes a comfortable office.

Plug in power and connect to Screen through HDMI, ready to use!

Only 0.2L for its volume, a well-function mini computer.

Build-in Windows 10, compatible with office software such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator.


Documentary and graphic works

Built-in Intel quad-core CPU, which adapt the Gen7 HD graphics architechture, support AI, PS working stably.

No more waiting, save time for things that matter.

Learning Computer for Kids

The Child's First Computer

Digital age learning, intuitive simple installation,

GREENON PC is an excellent choice for cildren computer learning experience.

What you have to do is clean a little space for it (about 132x108x17(mm)), prepare an HDMI cable and wireless keyborad mouse, enjoy big screen!

Lead the imagination to infinity!

Host Computer

GREENON PC is stable, power-saving, great for long-term operation.

Less fees, more efficiency.

GREENON PC support two screen output at one time, besides HDMI, you can do it through your WiFi, project to another screen.

Picture is setting for stockbroker to tape-reading.